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Author's Section™ is a New Way Publisher working in partnership with Children's Authors.
We believe nothing will replace a real physical book and there will be some resurgence of printed books as they become a special thing, a quality book being a symbol just as a mobile phone was 20 years ago.
The fuller realisation that printed books leave more to the imagination and thus help develop thinking and creativity, very important for the modern day, should help some resurgence too.
One of the big issues for us all is the decline in children's book reading and connected with this a well documented fall in reading standards.
Race to the bottom?
Amazon's phenomenal growth and price cutting is seen as a great success by many, the majority love cheaper books and the growing choice of some 2 Million titles to browse online.
It's true to say we've never had so much choice, the new problem is, there's too much to go through, the chance of finding a new Authors work while browsing online can be very slim.
eBooks have also extended choice and reduced prices and at the same time have moved some interest away from the printed format reducing Bookshop turnover.
The ending of the Net Book Agreement (end of standard book pricing 1997) and the growth in online book selling makes it ever more difficult for traditional Bookshops to survive. In the last 10 years the number of bookshops has declined by about 30%.
Has the last two decades seen a growing race to the bottom?
Our New Way win! win!
Our New Way evolved over a decade from the growing difficulties Authors found promoting their work.
Our win! win! solution includes™ which provides a specialist Children's Story promotional platform for contributing Authors while importantly helping schools and parents encourage children's reading skills.™ is compatible with most Mobile devices, Smart TV's and regular PC's.™ is now (Oct 2016) used by individuals and schools in 210 countries, you can get an idea of reader distribution on the following world map.™ Worldwide Readers
Children's Stories Net Readers Worldwide Map

The small yellow dots represent up to 10 individual reading points at the location shown, the larger red dots represent over 1000 points, see the key bottom right on map. Some individual points relate to single individuals reading to a child, others relate to reading groups and school class rooms, thus some single points can represent 30 or more actual readers.
How™ works Authors contribute one or more free stories to develop interest in their work and build their individual readership.
Some Authors go on to publish printed books and ebooks with us, promoting them world wide through™ and taking advantage of our partnership with Ingram to make their books available in 38,000 book outlets worldwide (including Amazon)
Typicaly, in a first year, an Author may pick up about 8,000 readers for their free story content. If promoting a book about 500,000 readers will see the Authors book promotion and about 2,500 of those will go as far as a bookshop or book sales page (note: figures based upon an average of our progressive authors).
TVstories - Children's Stories On TV TVstories™ is a comming further development of™ which presents narrated and subtitled stories aimed at SmartTV's and Mobile Devices.
This is a new way for Children to enjoy Stories while learning to read. Children can read with a parent or hear the story read by a narrator, in the family livingroom or classroom environment.
This provides an optimum method for Authors to promote their work
We can provide authors with all neccessary help and expertise to get onto this platform, please contact us.
Our Help for Authors
This page provides a very small snapshot of the many things we do, in short summary:
We provide partial or complete book and ebook professional production services and Publishing, including hand holding for beginers and guidance for authors determined to do things themselves as much as possible.
We have most services and facilities in house, thus can be very efficient.
We individualy tailor arrangements to suit Authors requirements, nothing is set in stone.
We love to hear your ideas for doing things.
For more information please see contact us button at the top of this page.

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